Friday, June 23, 2006

To Snark or Not To Snark

I tired of watching blog divas snipe and snark and revel in their own bitchiness. So, I created this blog. I did not think anyone would read it. Hah. These blogarinas are seriously connected. Yes, yes, I know. I snarked without revealing my identity. Shame on me.

Entering the Snark Zone has certainly been an eye-opening experience. Snarking the Snarky was unexpectedly fun … and therein lays the danger. Deriving evil glee from poking at other bloggers should be a bad thing. Yet, I think many readers/reviewers enjoy flaying authors, books, covers, and artists on their blogs. It’s too easy to tweak people.

Snarking takes time and energy (and a deep belief in your own cleverness). It’s exhausting and guilt-inducing. Or it should be. Maybe evil glee has overcome any sense of responsibility and conscience in bloggers who like slicing and dicing authors/books/covers/artists.

So, my darlings, I’ve snarked my last. I don’t have the time or energy or, Good God, the will to keep up this blog. I hope that someone will take up the cause. If bloggers feel they are keeping authors’ egos in check (as well as holding the purse strings), then surely someone, somewhere will do the same to keep the egos of bloggers in check.

I leave you with a link to a thoughtful post from Damned Scribbling Women. And I shall pass along to you a phrase I heard just the other day: It is more difficult to be kind than it is to be clever.